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Cloud Backup

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Basic Data Recovery - $99

You depend on your computer for a lot of things, from storing pictures and family videos to doing your taxes or managing your business. We know your machine holds a lot of precious and critical information. What happens when one day you find yourself in a technological crisis, with a bright blue screen or a frozen system?

That's where we come in. PremierePC will perform a basic checkup to ensure that your data actually CAN be retrieved (which is the case more than 90% of the time).

Additional Information

As data recovery can be a complicated process and depends on the difficulty or severity of issues found. Because we want to be thorough in our recovery, timing may vary, but we will be in contact with you throughout the process to ensure you are well informed.

Extended Data Recovery - $249

When there is physical damage to the hard drive then we must use multiple process to extract the data. When this is the case an additional fee of $150 on top of the $99 Basic Data Recovery will apply. You will be notified in advance should this be the case. Typically 2/10 clients have suffered from this type of damage.

PremierePC can generally recover data on PCs, external hard drives, disks, tapes, CDs, or photo memory cards.

There are various instances in which data can be lost or damaged such as accidents, natural disasters, power surges, malfunctioning devices, or viruses. It's important to remember that laptop hard drives are especially vulnerable if users are always on the move. Avoid losing all of your valuable data by setting up a disaster recovery plan.

If we are unable to restore your data we will refer you to a clean room data recovery partner who will offer you a free assessment and provide a list of files that can be restored. You can then decide if you want your data back. Clean room services will cost several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the data and damage. You are under no obligation to pay unless you chose to have your files recovered.

OS Installation - $99

Did your hard drive crash? PremierePC will help you get your data back and re-install your operating system so you can get on with your life. 

We provide a complete, professional installation, along with re-installation of drivers, software and updates.

  • Install the version of Microsoft Windows or Apple operating system that you've purchased
  • Install all critical updates
  • Install any drivers required
  • Configure the software to your needs
  • Make sure your system runs properly
  • Backup and Migrate user data

Pricing includes all travel expenses in the greater greenville area. Any software or hardware required for a computer or network repair is billed in addition. We will always let you know ahead of time and never add any margin to hardware and software sales. The rates above are valid for small office or home based businesses only, if you require commercial work please see our business consulting and project work page.

bbbseal1USAll services are backed by our commitment that your problem will be resolved. In the event the same problem occurs within 14 days of a visit we will troubleshoot and repair the problem until it is corrected.